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The Best Pillows for Your Airbnb

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Providing a cozy and comfortable bed for your Airbnb guests is one of the most important features that makes your lodging experience stand out. But when it comes to pillows, we have one tried and true pillow that has satisfied hundreds of our own Airbnb and VRBO guests.

The Perfect Airbnb Pillow

One of the biggest decisions I struggled with was deciding on a pillow for my Airbnb guests. Firm or soft? Down or synthetic? Or give my guests several to pick from?

The very first pillows I purchased when I launched my first Airbnb were a mid-priced standard pillow from a department store. A friend had recommended these pillows as the best "all around." But much to my dismay, the pillows went flat within a matter of months and I had to find a better solution.

I did some research and read hundreds of reviews. First of all, I wanted a pillow that had strong (4+) reviews, and one that would hold up over time. And it had to be machine washable - not just the pillow covers but the pillow itself. Nothing makes me cringe more that a stained pillow and I wanted something I finally settled on MyPillow.

Why MyPillow?

  • It adjusts to fit the contours of your head with an interlocking foam design, creating a custom fit.

  • Its machine washable, and yes, I do wash them very frequently in my Airbnb's. In fact, the tossing in the dryer re-fluffs them every time.

  • Made in the USA

My Pillow is more expensive than your average pillow, but I have not had to replace one in 3 years! It is well worth it not to have any guest complaints about pillows being too soft or too hard or flat.

Problem solved!

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