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Solutions for Removing Stains from Laundry

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Laundry stains can be one of the most frustrating parts of self-managing your Airbnb. Instead of throwing them out, opt for a few of our tried and true recommendations.

Nasty stains on sheets and towels are very discouraging for an Airbnb or VRBO host. It's not just the stress of working overtime to get the stain out, it's the added worry if you have a same-day turnover or are concerned about the cost to replace them.

Stains are easiest to remove if you can work on them prior to washing.

We've gathered some tips from others hosts, as well as our own. Take photos before you attempt to remove any stain. You may need these time-stamped photos later to submit a claim to Airbnb for reimbursement if the stains are permanent.

Blood Stains

  • First rinse in cold water. Douse it in hydrogen peroxide and wash it in cold water with regular detergent. If the stain does not come all the way out, repeat the process and shen start scrubbing with felz naptha.

  • Oxyclean removes stubborn blood stains

  • As long as you have not put heat, hot water or even super warm water, most stains should come out. But if you're like me and have discovered a stain AFTER washing and drying, don't give up. I use Shout Set in STain remover. I have saved nearly all of my set in stains. Just dab it on and let it sit overnight. Put through a cold water wash, and repeat one more time if the stain does not come all the way out. On larger linen pieces where the stain may be small, I pin a safety pin over the stain so I can find it quickly before putting in the dryer to make sure it has come out .

Urine Stains

  • Spray white vinegar on and saturate the area. Then sprinkle baking soda. It takes time to dry but when it does, then vacuum it. Depending how deep in the fabric it is (such as cushions) you may have to repeat it.

  • Try Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain Eliminator.


1/4 cup dish soap

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 cup vinegar

1 1/4 cup water

Shake gently to combine ingredients, spray in your stove. Let sit for a little bit and voila, a brand new looking stove!!!!!

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